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Eczema Healing Naturally Through Detoxification

Since a degenerative disease can be caused by nutritional deficiencies and the accumulation of toxic waste in the human body, it follows that in order to heal from a disease, whether in the form of eczema, ulcers, obesity or whatever, detoxification must first take place. The healing process takes place in three stages of detoxification: 1. elimination of toxins, 2. breakdown and removal of diseased cells and 3. rebuilding of tissues. (*These steps assume the daily intake of good nutrients and ceasing the intake of toxins from all sources.) Follow these stages of detoxification and you will find your body healing from eczema.

Detoxification stages:

1. Elimination of toxins: This is the discarding of toxins stored throughout the tissues of the body. These are eliminated once a good diet provides the minerals and organic nutrients to cells to generate enough energy to carry toxins out of the body via the elimination processes.

Toxins are eliminated through various channels, the normal channels with their signs of elimination are:

  • Lungs (breathed out - may manifest as bad breath, coughing)
  • Skin (a worsening of the eczema condition)*
  • Liver/bowel (dark, foul smelling stools)
  • Kidneys (dark, strong smelling urine)

* In eczema, the normal channels of elimination (kidney and liver) are overtaxed and the body ends up using an alternate avenue of elimination; the skin. Therefore, when you start improving your diet and following what is being recommended by this website, the body will first heal the overtaxed and congested detoxification organs (kidney and liver). As a result your eczema, in the initial few weeks of this healing program, will get worse because of the cleansing that takes place in the liver and kidney. However, don't give up. A natural healing of eczema takes patience.

First 3 months of this diet and supplements eczema spread all over my body.

2. Breakdown and removal of diseased cells: Cells which are diseased from "toxin abuse" are broken down by the body and removed. The breaking down of the diseased cells is carried out mainly by white blood cells. If any of the raw materials of the cell can be salvaged and reused they are put into circulation; the rest is eliminated from the body. This process is important to a natural eczema healing.

3. Rebuilding of tissues: When diseased cells are eliminated, the body will replace them with new healthy cells. Though this phase begins with the above two phases, the majority of this activity takes place after the body is well on its way to being "detoxified" and "diseased tissue" free. Prior to this final major rebuilding phase, the body will replace diseased tissues one generation at a time, each generation of cells will be a little healthier than its predecessors, because a cell can only be as healthy, as its environment is detoxified. Thus, there is no instant relief in natural healing. The natural healing of eczema takes time.

  The body replaced diseased tissues one generation at a time.


Healing is done on a priority basis:

Just as the body was formed and operates on a priority basis, so it heals on a priority basis. This means that the most important parts of the body get the healing attention before the less vital tissues.

In the natural healing process for eczema, the healing of the internal detoxification organs will take place first before the skin. In fact, the skin is the last organ the body will work on to heal. Therefore, expect the intestinal tract, the endocrine glands, the liver and the kidney to be involved in healing actions and repair processes first before the skin. This is the reason why your eczema will feel and look a lot worse in the beginning of this healing program. The more medical drugs and herbal formulas you have taken to suppress the symptoms of eczema, the longer it will take to heal your damaged skin.

For example, in my case, with the many years of using cortisone cream, after starting the recommended diet and supplement program, it took months of worsening of my eczema condition before my skin got better. I encourage you to follow the natural eczema healing approach without resorting to these lotions that suppress the symptoms of eczema.


It took months of worsening of my eczema condition before my skin got better.

Reactivation/retracing (the process of healing):

In order for the body to deal with or heal a part of the body, it must bring it into priority or reactivate it. This means that the body is bringing to the surface or focusing on a specific gland, organ, system or tissue of the body for cleansing/rebuilding activity. This gland, organ, system or tissue of the body has been "on hold" from healing activity due to lack of nutrients, emotional stress, other priorities, etc.

When a diseased or previously injured area of the body is brought back into focus or reactivated for healing, the symptoms that went with that particular stress will again manifest themselves to some degree. Remember that the symptoms the body manifested with the original disease or injury were an attempt at healing. This, of course, was somehow blocked with drugs or stress of some kind; thus the symptoms and healing were put "on hold". Now with reactivation, the same healing symptoms will once again manifest themselves.

Let me translate the above statement and describe how reactivation and retracing (a healing crisis) occurred through my own detoxification process. Since I have taken 15+ years of cortisone cream, tons of antibiotics and over-the-counter pain medications, I had a lot of toxins to clean out of my body, specifically the kidney and liver. If I did not understand how detoxification worked, I would have given up early on because of the discomfort I experienced and gone back on the use of cortisone. Thank God, I endured my months of detoxification so that today I could enjoy an awesome state of health and vitality. A natural eczema healing takes lots of patience and time, but it's well worth it.

Some of the symptoms I experienced during the healing crisis were very scary. However, keep in mind that your experience with detoxification may not be the same as mine. Remember that I have taken cortisone cream for 15+ years and as a result my detoxification symptoms were strong and continued for a long period of time. The fewer medications you have taken to suppress the eczema symptoms, the sooner your detoxification symptoms will disappear.

Here are some of the reactivation and retracing symptoms that I experienced.

  • Swelling of my feet. Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory drug and during retracing, the body will exhibit the opposite of the symptoms the drugs were trying to suppress. I experienced so much swelling in my feet that at one point I could not wear shoes, only wide-type slippers. During the time my feet were swollen, the pain was horrible, especially when I would wake up in the morning and start walking.

  • Swelling of the face. I experienced so much swelling in my face that at one point my face looked like someone has taken a pump and blew air inside my cheeks. The skin on my face became very scaly and peeled as if I had dandruff falling off my facial skin. This was the most scary retracing episode I have ever experienced. I attribute this retracing episode to steroid shots given to me by a medical doctor to help me gain weight when I was 16 years old.

I experienced extreme swelling of my face that lasted 3 weeks. This was the most scary retracing episode I have ever experienced. Steroids coming out of my body caused my feet and face to swell up.

My skin looked so old and scaly during detoxification

  • The itching drove me crazy at night. Sometimes I itched my skin so hard to the point that my skin would bleed and I didn't care because it felt good. But the pain that followed from open scabs and bleeding skin at times became unbearable.

    Extreme internal heat on the skin where there is eczema, especially at night time.

  • Flu-like symptoms with or without fever.

  • Extreme tiredness.

  • Increase in itching.

  •  Diarrhea and bloating.

  • Coughing that lasted for months with yellow mucous discharge. Since I had chronic bronchitis, I expected to experience severe coughing during the retracing phase and I did.

  • During a healing crisis, the eczema may spread anywhere in your body: ears, nose, mouth...etc.

Look at it this way. It took a while for the nutritional deficiencies and accumulation of toxins that affected you to cause eczema. It may take a while to undo the effects of all the painful and stressful things that you (unknowingly and unconsciously) did to your body, just like I did. This is rather like a reverse source of pain or discomfort, yet this time it is for a good cause.

Remember, pain/discomfort isn't always bad. It can be a warning that something is wrong and it can also be a sign that something good is happening as the muscles, organs, and tissues of your body begin to activate again. Knowing what to expect about beneficial pain/discomfort will help you understand and expect it. After all, it's for a good cause.

Does this discomfort affect everyone the same way?

Not at all! Studies show that four out of five people will pass through the reactivation cycles toward good health with almost no discomfort. But I believe, with eczema, you can expect reactions that vary from mild to intense. Like I said in the beginning of this article, the more medical drugs, such as cortisone and herbal formulas you have taken to suppress the eczema, the longer the reactivation and retracing phase will be.

But these are new aches and pains!

That's right. When the negative momentum is stopped (in my case stopping the use of cortisone cream and herbal formulas), your body turns around and takes the road back to good health. One thing you can be sure of, that road is the same as the one you took toward eczema, but the symptoms you experience can be entirely new because going back over a bump can be a different experience than hitting it the first time from the opposite direction. Because of the rerouting of your body's healing energy as you improve, the symptoms may actually be as severe as they were before and sometimes worse, but you can be sure they won't last nearly as long and that as a result of this reactivating you will be getting better. A natural eczema cure takes time and effort, but it's well worth it.

Symptoms during detox may actually be as severe as they were before and sometimes worse.

What can you do to help your body during detoxification?

To gain the greatest advantage during the process of healing, the body must be given all available energy. Keep in mind that it is the body that orchestrates the process of healing as it has energies and nutrients available. Not before. Therefore, whatever the body dictates through symptoms during a process of healing should be heeded to best conserve energy for the body to get the full benefit of the healing cycle.

The key is that symptoms are not the enemy, but simply the body's attempt to overcome the enemy and return to health. To this end, as you pursue and eczema cure and to conserve energy, generally:

  • Physical exertion should be avoided;
  • Little or no food taken in - let appetite dictate specific foods, juices and amounts if anything at all is desired;
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Even more is helpful;
  • Avoid any substances which are toxic to the body - even if cravings are present;
  • Self induced emotional and mental activity should be kept to a minimum;
  • Avoid any medication or other "remedies" such are herbal formulas;
  • Mild exercise is beneficial as the body dictates (walking or using a rebounder);
  • And, enjoy the healing benefits of extra sleep, rest and naps.

Assurance of symptoms being detoxification symptoms:

Often those who have changed their diet for the better want to know if the symptoms they are experiencing (swelling, diarrhea, etc.) are those of detoxification or whether they are the worsening of the eczema disease process. With few exceptions, it can safely be assured that if the diet is better, not even perfect, just better, whatever symptoms come along are of the detoxification/healing variety. A natural eczema healing process can occur for you, but it takes patience.

How long to health?

As always, the answer depends on a number of things. How sick you are, how long you have been suffering, how long you have been on medications, and your attitude toward being well must all be taken into account. Whatever the cause and whatever road you are taking toward improvement, your body will never make changes any faster than it can deal with these changes. You are not getting sick, you are getting well. Your body was built to survive. Think of how good you'll feel when you've reached the end of the road to good health!

Positive results I'm now experiencing because of the diet and the whole food supplements I'm recommending you to follow on this website:

  • The best thing, of course, is being eczema free. No more itching, scarring, weeping or infected skin.

  • No more feeling of shame for how my skin looks.

  • I no longer need to use any make-up to make my facial skin look alive because I now have this constant glow on my facial skin with great pink color on my cheeks indicating excellent blood circulation.

  • My facial skin looks alive with great pink color on my cheeks, indicating excellent blood circulation.

    My skin is now as soft as a baby's skin (I'm 57 years now).

  • The wrinkles I had on my face are all gone.

  • Daily elimination has been the best I've ever experienced.
  • Energy is very high with only 6 hours of sleep daily.

A great feeling of peace and contentment that I have traveled the best possible natural healing road that lead me to health and vitality. In this healing modality, I addressed the causes of this awful disease and as a result healed my body of severe eczema.

I'm ready to guide you in this natural eczema healing journey. I'll be with you every step of the way. Hopefully the information I have shared with you on this website will make sense and you will be ready to make a decision to change your diet and follow my recommendations. I guarantee that if you stay the course and give this natural healing model a chance to work it's miracle on your skin, you can be eczema free. I did it and so can you.

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