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Are You Ready to Heal your Eczema Naturally?

Follow the Steps Below

You might be surprised to see my ordering page without a list of products and/or prices. I have decided not to list the products and prices on this website because I feel that it's very important for the healing of eczema to have an eczema health coach. Also I believe that your health history should be taken into consideration when selecting products for the healing of your eczema. So, to get started in your healing process, just read the overview and follow the steps below:

An eczema health coach to guide you through the healing process

Most of the supplements I recommend are whole food supplements that are either wild or organically grown. This means that their effectiveness and potency is very high in terms of providing the body with nutrients it needs to detoxify and heal. Therefore, most people using our whole food supplements experience some level of detoxification. That's what you want to happen so your body can heal from eczema.

If you have experienced detoxification symptoms before or read about them, you know that they can range from non-existent to severe symptoms of discomfort.

In the process of detoxification and healing, you need a coach. Someone to help guide you through the process of detoxification which can be from one month to several months (in my case it took several months to turn the corner and start seeing my eczema disappear). I know that if I had someone to email or talk to in the process of detoxification, it would have helped ease much of the anxiety I went through.

You need a coach to guide you in sticking with the consumption of a healthy diet as described in this website under the eczema diet section.

I would like to be your coach in this whole healing process. I don't charge anything for consulting and working with you through your healing journey. You can email your questions to me and I'll be there to guide you all the way to success.

Personalized Recommendations based on your health history

Because our whole food supplements are potent, it is not recommended that you start with all the supplements at once. You need to build up, starting with mild supplements and slowly moving to stronger ones in terms of their effectiveness to detoxify your body.

This is why it is important for you to share with me your health background first. I need to find out if you've taken cortisone creams; how long you've been
on them; how healthy or unhealthy your diet is, etc.

I will be emailing you a list of questions to answer after you let me know that you are interested in getting started on the Eczema Natural Healing program.

Once I learn about your health background, then I can recommend how to start on our whole food supplement program. If you've been on cortisone cream for years and your diet is not very healthy, then I'll start you on a very gentle program with the supplements and diet to build up your immune system and health in general. If you have not applied any coritsone creams to your eczema, then I can put you on an accelerated supplement program.

So you see, I need to learn about your health level first, before I recommend a specific health program customized for you .

Steps to get started on your Eczema Healing Program :

  1. Email me by clicking on " contact us ".

  2. Leave me a message expressing your interest in getting started on the whole food supplements and diet.

  3. I will email you back a list of questions to answer.

  4. Email me back your answers so I can learn a few specifics about your health background.

  5. I will email you my recommendations of which whole food products to get started on and send you a website address and 800 number so you can place your order on the Internet or by telephone.

  6. Place your order on the Internet or by telephone.

  7. Once you receive your supplement order, I'll be ready to start a coaching relationship with you to guide you all the way on your healing journey where you can finally experience beautiful and healthy skin.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read and become more educated about working with the Eczema Natural Healing program.

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