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Click for enlargementJennifer Hall - Stay strong eczema warriors!

My name is Jen and I had been an eczema sufferer since birth (I am 28 years old). A few years back I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and did 6 months of chemotherapy. Before the diagnosis my body really started deteriorating, especially my skin. The build up of toxins and steroidal creams (which I had been using for 26 years) and injections had my immune system at such a compromised state which I believe is what lead me to become diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

After the treatment my cancer was in remission, but my health was in the weakest state it had ever been in. I slowly started making small transformations to my diet and doing research on holistic approaches to rebuilding my immune system and healing my skin once and for all.

Within looking online for a holistic way to treat this disease, I came across Donia's site. Her story resonated so much with me, and her health model made so much sense that I had to give it a try. Her newsletters, diet & supplement suggestions were such a wealth of knowledge for me, and I felt so empowered to start this healing process! I am two years in, and along the way I've seen my skin go through many transformations. The healing crisis had my skin broken out all over, but the absolute worst areas were my legs and feet.

It's been a long and tough road but this healing process is the best thing I could've ever done for myself. I encourage all who do this to stick it out, stay patient, and have faith that you will be feeling much better, healthier and have more self confidence by the end of your journey.

Through Donia's health model, I've learned how amazing our bodies are that they can heal themselves with no drugs needed! All we need to heal is great food, supplements, and a positive mindset. My healing has taken some time because of the many years of steroidal cream use, and the chemotherapy. My skin still has some discoloration, flaking, bumps here and there but the inflammation, extreme dryness, and occasional oozing is pretty much completely gone. With even a little more healing time I will be completely eczema free!

I thank The Lord for Donia's courage in making a website about her journey through natural healing. She was the catalyst that started me on this life change. I want to share my story with others in the hope of helping them heal from this awful disease the way Donia has helped me.

Stay strong eczema warriors!
Jennifer Hall
Henderson, NC

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