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Click for enlargementLouise Manfe - Vibrant Health and Well-Being & How to Achieve It

Vibrant Health and Well-Being
& How To Achieve It

by Louise Manfe
June 5, 2014

Beginning on July 6, 2012 I began to experience some very disturbing health concerns beginning with swelling of my lips to unusually large proportions then manifesting in an extreme case of eczema that eventually took over the entire body gradually. This condition lasted for almost two years before I was able to completely detoxify my system and renew my health.

The skin is your body's largest elimination organ. It will facilitate a toxic dump if you have a buildup of toxins in your gut, liver, kidneys and probably adrenal system. By the time the body starts dumping at the skin level you've pretty much over worked and damaged the aforementioned organs and that's why the skin, the body's largest elimination organ, becomes and organ of elimination.

This came as a huge surprise to me when it happened to me because I couldn't understand how I could be so toxic when I ate so well, never used drugs, got sleep and exercise, etc. However, even if you eat really well and take great care of yourself you may still be dealing with past toxins from years prior that have never left your system. Then as your body becomes strong and healthy enough, due to your more recent history of good health, it begins to eliminate toxins it's been storing for years. Food is essentially your best medicine and the most easily used by the body in a natural way for the purpose of eliminating toxins. Herbs and other holistic remedies are not permanent cures much as allopathic medicines from doctors are not usually
effective long term.

There is nothing topical that will cure what afflicts your skin.

Following is the diet I have been on since August 2012 which, has successfully cleared all of my skin problems and eczema and enabled me to enjoy vibrant health and renewed physical beauty.

Never eat:
No salt (substitute Tamari because it's a whole food source of salt if you
No sugar (only a little raw honey)
No flour (this includes no white rice, corn or any kind of flour except sprouted whole grain by Ezekiel or comparable)
No meat
No chicken
No dairy except for raw goat milk cheese.
No caffeine or stimulants (coffee, chocolate, alcohol, black tea, etc.)

Only eat:
Organic produce (lots and lots of dark greens and colorful fruits and vegetables)
Organic whole grains (basmati brown rice rice, qinuoa, sprouted bread and chips)
Deep sea fish never farmed (small amounts if any because you should stick with a vegan diet for the most part)
Fresh organic herbs (when cooking or in salads)
Fresh organic garlic and onions
Juice at least 50% of your food or consume it raw that's where the nutrients are and when you cook the food you lose too many nutrients.

Stop using all man made isolated vitamins, herbs, homeopathic and allopathic medicines till your skin clears. You want to get your nutrition from whole food preferably raw or sprouted as much as possible.

When you do cook use low heat and virgin unprocessed olive or coconut oils. You can use high heat stir fry cooking to maintain nutrients in less cooked produce, I find this delicious
when complemented by garlic and ginger.

Start using enzyme therapy to help you properly digest foods and to reduce inflammation.

Start using whole food supplements for additional.

Start consuming sprouts, these are natures live enzymes and they as well as other high quality enzymes are the building blocks of your cellular system and your best defense as you age.

You may want to read my mentor, Donia, website information. She taught me everything I know and is the reason I am doing so well today.

Be careful what tooth paste and soaps and lotions you use. Chose ones that are quite clean of chemicals.

You need a good body brush to clear away the dead skin so your pores can breath and eliminate toxins, I use a Tampico horse brush on dry skin before I bathe. In the bath I have another Tampico brush I use.

Books to read that validate this information:

1. Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry G. Bieler, M.D.
2. Enzymes the Fountain of Life by D.A. Lopez, M.D., R.M. Williams, M.D.,
Ph.D, M. Miehlke, M.D.
3. Detoxification and Healing The Key to Optimal Health by Sidney MacDonald Baker, M.D.
4. The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy by Dr. Anthony J. Cichoke

Louise Manfe

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