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Lisa Dunn - Within 8 weeks about 85% of my symptoms were gone!

I have been struggling with eczema for the last 4 years. I never had eczema and suddenly developed it at age 40. I've gone to 5 different dermatologists over the last 4 years. They all recommended the same course of treatment - steroids. One doctor told me that I had better get used to taking the medications because I would be on them for the rest of my life. Other doctors told me that I could no longer enjoy daily showers or hot baths, eat citrus, tomatoes, or chocolate. I came across Donia's website in the spring of this year (2014) and ordered the digestive enzymes, probiotics, proteolytic enzymes, and the organic micro algae. Within 8 weeks, about 85% of my symptoms were gone and I was off all of the medications! I could not believe it! How could something so simple resolve my issue when the medical community could not? I also had two biopsy lumps that became flattened, an old foot injury that healed, and my hair began to grow and hold curls again. I still have some eczema on my fingers and my toes, but I believe this is still there because I continue to struggle with my diet. I am eating more raw foods but its an ongoing battle for me. I'm confident I will get there though. Now, I add lemon to a glass of water upon rising everyday, eat lots of tomatoes and take my cherished daily showers and weekly hot baths. I've voluntarily removed the chocolate from my diet. My skin is still very damaged from all of the scratching but every week I see a subtle lightening of the injured areas. The human body is a miraculous thing and we really do have everything we need in nature to heal ourselves. I am so grateful for these products. They have absolutely improved the quality of my life. And I'm very grateful to Donia for reaching out and sharing her story with others.

Thank you Donia! You will be blessed!

Lisa Dunn
Detroit, MI

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