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Click for enlargementJeremy Barnett - The miracle of natural healing!

My eczema started in my late twenties and slowly spread over my entire face, body and legs. I suffered for years from this awful skin disease and followed doctors recommendations who put me on high levels of steroid treatments. Once in a while my eczema would flare so bad that I had to go to the Emergency Room or the local Urgent Care. Of course every time, I am prescribed oral steroids and antibiotics. This would always work wonders immediately and then the eczema would return and continue to get worse. Life was horrible. I had no hope of getting better until I came across your website. Your approach in natural healing was something different than I had ever heard before. I loved learning from you how to eat natural foods, and take whole food supplements. Everything you said made a lot of sense, not to mention I started having hope for healing.

In the beginning of following your program my eczema continued to spread and worsen. But you educated me about the detoxification process. After going through hell with the detoxification process, I started to see progress like I had never seen before. Wounds on my hands that had been there forever were healing. My face was starting to look normal again. I was starting to feel much better and my skin started to heal faster and faster. It started slow and within 6 months I saw incredible results. Soon after I was completely healed. This was a miracle, my eczema was gone, and I lost 30 unnecessary pounds and felt better than I could ever remember.

Amazingly, I also stopped biting my nails and no longer experience any allergy symptoms. These are two things that were in my life almost 25 years. I feel great and almost never get sick. I can not thank you enough for what you have taught me about natural healing. You saved my life......

Jeremy Barnett
Hammonton, NJ
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