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Karen Kieffer - Your program is the only thing that worked for me!

I have had eczema all my life. Little patches on my arms, neck , and legs. Nothing that was not helped by a little hydrocortisone, so that is what I did the first 25 years of my life. I noticed when I was about 26, during stressful situations I would get more extreme patches on my eyes and my face and hydrocortisone did nothing for it. It seemed that as the stressful things would pass so would my eczema. When I was 28 years old I did an extreme candida diet and supplement cleanse and I noticed that I did not have eczema for about 5 years so I thought that is what my problem had been.

After my 2nd child when I was 33, it started to come back but not severe. I just had my 3rd child last April 2005 and the day she was born, about 8 hours after her birth I had an extreme eczema outbreak all over my face and neck, so bad that I could not even see my new baby. The eczema seemed to last about a week and would get better and then after I would eat, another episode would appear just as bad. After about 2 months of this, I went to see an allergist. I was tested for 40 different common allergies and the only thing I tested positive for was mushrooms and I do not eat mushrooms. So, I thought that I had candida again so I did a candida diet which is basically no sugar, yeast or fermented things and I took as many supplements that I could while breastfeeding. I noticed no difference. After fumbling around with acupuncture, and homeopathy and seeing no results, I found a book on the acid alkaline balance. I started to eat more alkaline foods and I noticed by eating all green veggies my eczema started to go away and looked the best it had looked in 7 months. I was eating an extremely alkaline diet consisting of raw green veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had no energy and I started to research other things that I could eat and that is when my mom found Donia and her website.

I started to add other things in my diet that Donia suggested and I noticed that my eczema got worse and I started to get discouraged but I decided to give it a go for a month and that is when I noticed that I would get eczema on a body part and it would stay for a while and then go away and not come back in that spot. I no longer have any eczema on my face or neck but it has moved to my arms and legs. It seems to cycle, I have good times and bad times but I have not put anything on my eczema and just have kept up with the diet now for 7 months and I can finally cope with the outbreaks. They are not bad at all now and the patches are getting smaller and smaller. I did the strict diet that Donia recommend: fruits in the morning, veggies and eggs or fish for lunch and veggie salad for dinner and a green veggie drink before bed.

I can tell that eczema is slowly going away. I also take the supplements that Donia recommends. Donia has been a great support, I e-mail her questions all the time and after all of this, her answers have been the only thing that worked for me. I must warn you that when I first started that I thought it was not working but as time went on I realized that it is the only thing that does work. I hope that you can find the energy and patience to try her suggestions and I hope that you have as much success that I have had.

Karen Kieffer

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