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D. Cederbaum - Eczema and a host of other ailments disappeared!

I have suffered on and off since I was a child with fungal infections, eczema, and as time went on, a host of other ailments. In my late twenties, to my astonishment, I developed arthritis in my legs.

I found my health generally was low and I suffered from low energy. I probably had low-grade chronic fatigue.

In my late-forties, a recurrence of my skin ailments prompted me to face difficult lifestyle issues. I realized a more holistic alternative was probably needed.

I found this eczema website by sheer chance. I was skeptical at first, thinking it was just another like other websites all purporting wonderful cures, and oh for just fifty dollars, etc., etc. Even though supplements are recommended on this website, Donia suggests them in order to speed up the healing process. Donia personally answers any questions. I have been emailing her with questions for 2 years!

After about one year of following the advice on the website and from her many articles and answers to my questions, I began experiencing very severe recurrences of all my ailments. My arthritis began to flare up and my skin condition worsened: classic signs of a healing crisis. Although at first alarming, I began to experience many of these. About a year passed and both my arthritis and skin complaints cleared up. I have been eczema-free ever since.

This is all because of following a clean diet and lifestyle. The information on this website is the benchmark, in my opinion.

I hope others take my testimony on board and that it persuades them to follow the path this website prompted me to take.


D. Cederbaum
London, UK

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