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Click for enlargementVina Sanchez - My prayers were answered!

My name is Vina. My baby, Ana, started getting a small tiny rash on the right side of her cheek when she was about 5 months old. We thought it was a byproduct of teething. As the months progress, so did the rash. It intensified and there would be horrifying moments in the car where my husband and I had to pull over the car as she mauled herself bloody because of the itching. We swaddle her, we have used scratch sleeves, woombie, everything and anything to keep her from scratching her face raw and bloody. We don't really use a lot of modern medicine. We had a water birth, she was only breastfed, and had no vaccinations administered, so WHY the eczema? For the next 2-3 months we decided to ride it through, praying and hoping it would all work itself out. We went to a naturopath and a homeopathic chiropractor during these 2-3 months. Well, it got REALLY bad. We decided that any medicine at this point to give her relief would be worth it. We drove to Waco (2-3 hours from our house) to see a family friend doctor for fear of getting reported to CPS. Her sister told her of our background and she graciously saw us and gave us steroids, antibiotics, creams, the whole nine yards. After three days, she looked like any other normal healthy baby!

Sadly, it was short lived and as the days passed by, her rash crept back and even stronger than before. She was MISERABLE, crying, and could not be consoled. We continued to not get any sleep, no relief seemed to be in sight, and we were suffering as she was suffering. Upon the recommendation of the Waco family doctor, we took her to the best dermatologist in Mansfield, TX. We were so desperate, we didn't care what method - we just needed something to help her agony and pain.

The dermatologist was of the same ethnicity as myself, Asian. She was shocked when she saw our baby and surprised that it came back so vigorously from the antibiotics and ointments and creams prescribed. She gave us different steroids, ointments, and creams. She even swabbed the area hoping it was infected so that it would be an "easy" fix. The test came back negative and she gave us more different creams and ointments. We tried all of them and gave it a good month. Every time she was given a new steroid or ointment, she immediately reacted negatively. It finally came down to the point where the dermatologist said there was nothing else she could do and perhaps it was an allergic reaction and suggested we go to an allergist. So we did.

The allergist tested her and told us what we already knew, she has a really bad case of eczema. Long story short, we were tired. That's when I found Donia's website at the end of June. By mid July we were fully following Donia's regimen and saw little improvements but kept it up hoping this would be it. Her story was different from others. She actually had the pictures of before and after to PROVE it. That gave me the hope and motivation to keep going. We were diligent, she was losing A LOT of weight, had roller coaster nights and days. We would get very little sleep: we held her, paced the room, rocked her, patted her to sleep. We bought organic and spring water. Peeled and made sweet potatoes like a potato factory. I kept calling with questions and Donia was very patient with me, encouraging me to continue on, that what I was experiencing is normal and it will pass. We started seeing improvement and I thought the worst MIGHT be over.

THEN, we were hit with another shock in the middle of August. My husband's family threatened us with a CPS call, claiming we were neglecting our beloved Ana. I went hysterical. I was horrified and shocked that they would think CPS would be better in caring for her than US! BUT the Lord was sovereign and had HIS hand over it all. If we wanted to keep Ana, we had to play by their rules and take her to Cook's Children Hospital the very next day in the morning WITH the accompaniment of one of his parents to supervise and make sure we took her to the right hospital. We are both teachers and had to take the day off and miss our training in order to satisfy their demands. When we took her to the hospital and showed them all the records of all the treatments that we have tried: the chiropractor, the naturopath, the family doctor, the dermatologist, the allergist…all they kept saying was how impressed they were with the care that we have been giving Ana. They called it infantile eczema and referred us (if we wanted) the name of a pediatric dermatologist.

The doctor was very sweet in stating that what is happening to our baby is a skin condition not a disease. She assured us that she has seen WORSE, and that normally within 2 years it clears itself up. Ana may have bouts where it reoccurs throughout her life but it won't be as heavy and concentrated on the face as it currently is. They cleared us within the hour that we were admitted and did NOTHING to our baby! They didn't put any creams on her or give her any antibiotics. She looked all over her body and just said how well mommy and daddy were taking care of baby girl. I would've cried but I was so tired. My prayers were ANSWERED! The ENEMY was silenced and we went home in rejoicing on how great God is. Needless to say, we don't talk much to that side of the family anymore.

Now it has been about 6 months since Ana first started Donia's regimen. It hasn't been smooth. It has its DEFINITE ups and downs. Our community that we do life with has been such a BLESSING and to have support is the utmost importance to help you go through your child's natural healing process.

Ana is doing Great! She is healing real well.

I have been thinking of you and wanting to give you an update on our family! We ALL are doing TONS better (praise the LORD)! We have been slowly and steadily adding many things to Ana's diet and she is doing wonderful. We can take her out and she happily plays like the other kids without being aggravated by her skin!

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