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Click for enlargementYolanda Eckerty - My daughter is going to second grade with healthy skin!

I am beyond excited and happy to update you on my daughter's healing. Her eczema is completely cleared up!

It took from a little after November 2013 until about a month ago for her skin to clear up, June 2014.

We followed just about everything you said. Avoided red meats and did our best to purchase organic fruits and veggies. We were able to purchase a juicer and did juicing every morning.

It was hard at first because I was making meals to suite everyone. But eventually I got a hang of cooking it for everyone to enjoy.

Good filtered water, no pasteurized juice, no quick prep meals and no microwaveable foods. It was amazing to see how quickly her body changes. It did flare up for a few weeks since her body was purging all the bad stuff out. But then she stopped getting itch attacks and slept better at night.

She is going to go to second grade with healthy beautiful skin.

Thank you so much!!!!

We are keeping on top of her diet and finding healthy desserts to make and pretty much don't give her candy. But she has fun making her own desserts and treats.

I have been telling so many people about your site. And I have posted her journey on my blog and Facebook. So many friends with kids are amazed by how it all went.

Thank you so much, you immense knowledge and kindness and helping informing so many people of taking preventative action of just watching what we put into our bodies has been great!

Always truly thankful,

Yolanda Eckerty
Lancaster, PA

November 2013 into June 2014
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