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Click for enlargementMrs. Inge Kendall - My baby is eczema free in 2 months!

My daughter developed very severe eczema at 3 months. It started out on her cheeks and spread all over her body, arms, legs - leading to frequent itching, redness, and oozing, especially at night.

Our pediatrician prescribed hydrocortisone which helped initially by clearing her skin very quickly. We were so happy, but unfortunately we soon learned this was only temporary solution. The day after we stopped using it, her eczema came back worse. I was in tears with disappointment. We went back to our pediatrician who sent us to a dermatologist. The Dermatologist confirmed her eczema diagnosis, but told us there is absolutely no cure available. They can only attempt to manage it through treatments and prescribed us w/4 different lotions (including steroid creams). I couldn't believe that western medicine had NO CURE. This left me feeling very uneasy.

I started researching how to treat eczema naturally and came across with the web page http://www.eczema-natural-healing.com/ created by Donia Alawi. That was the turning point, when I learned how to actually CURE my baby girl! As I was still breastfeeding, I changed my own diet to greens, veggies and fruits – as alkaline as possible - while avoiding the common food allergies, i.e eggs, milk, nuts, etc. I also introduced whole food supplements given directly to my daughter: probiotics, enzymes and wild algae. And stopped using ALL creams/steroids.

Within one week we were able to see the difference on my daughter's skin, it was like a miracle to witness how much better her skin got day by day. By the end of 4 weeks she was 80% clean, her skin wasn't oozing, red and angry any more, also itching and scratching stopped.

Today, less than 2 months in, she is completely free from eczema, reversed via 100% naturally.

Thank you Donia for guiding, educating and supporting us through that journey, and thank you for sharing your story on your webpage, it's a blessing to count!

Thank you for making a difference!

Mrs. Inge Kendall
San Clemente, CA
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