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Click for enlargementThomas Wrigley - eczema free skin!

I am writing to let you know that I have been following your dietary guidelines and supplement regimen for almost a year now and am glad to say my eczema is gone! It was hard for me at first, and took me a few months to fully commit. But once I jumped in 100% I was determined to achieve clear, eczema free skin.

I started following your suggestions exactly. Breakfast was a giant fruit smoothie, lunch was rice or potatoes with raw or steamed vegetables, and dinner was a green juice. It took about 3 months of eating this way before my skin became even worse than it was before I changed my diet, and continued to worsen for another 3 months. It was terrible. I would have lost hope if it wasn't for you. Luckily, you educated me about the detoxification process and I knew that what was happening to me was normal. After 21 years of damage done to my body, it finally got the energy to release the toxins since I provided it with the proper fuel.

I also strongly believe that the supplements I took had a major role to do with my detoxification. I started off slow with the probiotics (acidophilus, bifidus) and during my worst months I was taking probiotics, digestive and proteolytic enzymes, sprouts, and wild crafted micro algae. These supplements are so nourishing because they are made from whole foods, not synthetic sources.

Another important thing to note was ceasing topical steroids. Just like you, I relied on topical steroids to "treat" my eczema. Unfortunately, I developed topical steroid addiction, which is where the skin depends on the medication, and when the medication is stopped, the skin becomes even more inflamed, scales, oozes, and many more unbearable symptoms. I'm still dealing with skin thinness, discoloration, and flaking, but it is slowly but surely becoming better.

Thank you for all of this powerful information you have shared with us. You are so inspiring and you saved my life.

Thomas Wrigley
Port St. Lucie, FL
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