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Click for enlargementMichelle Anderson - Warts are gone!

I know you will appreciate this miraculous story I have to share with you!

Early last year our oldest daughter Lillian (12) began developing warts on her fingers, around her fingernails. The warts started spreading because she would pick at them during school (yuck I know). They got so bad, that she had the biggest, ugliest warts on 8 of her ten fingers! I wish I had taken a photo of them, but unfortunately I did not and I'm kicking myself for that! She also had a wart/skin tab growing off her temple, and it too had grown in size, to the point where she was really beginning to feel self-conscious about them, and asked to have the temple wart particularly, freeze burned off. We had actually freeze burned off the one on her temple when she was very young, about 5 years old I think, but over the years, it had grown back.

Anyway, Donia, you may remember me asking your advice on this, and you suggested to apply organic potato peels to the warts every night and cover with a bandaid for about a month. Well, we did this for about 6 weeks, but couldn't really cover the wart on her temple so just left it and decided we would deal with that one later, and probably get it freeze burned off again at some stage.

So, anyway, we all eat very, very cleanly in our home, and probably eat a 75% raw food organic alkaline diet, and have done so for a few years now. I explained to Lillian that there was a virus in her body that was responsible for these warts and we needed to make sure we do what we can INTERNALLY to get rid of it, not just apply the potato peels, to have the best possible chance of clearing them up. She was on board with this, as she really wanted them gone, but she also needed to promise to me that the picking would stop!

So about 6 months ago, we removed bread from her diet (that was really the only processed food she was still having), which was fine as she just adores all the wonderful different salads I make every day, and she wasn't at all phased at taking salads to school for lunch. Again, I requested that she promise me she wouldn't share food at school, as this may hinder her progress. We also started adding in olive leaf extract and raw organic coconut oil for their antiviral/antimicrobial/antibacterial properties every day. I asked Lillian to take personal responsibility for her healing and to take her olive leaf and coconut oil daily without me asking, to which she agreed and I only needed to prompt her a handful of times. Occasionally also, I would get her to eat some ground black cumin seeds first thing in the morning with a little raw honey. We also gave her just a little more probiotics and added in my home made cultured kraut a few times a week.

Now I really still am quite stunned, that even after the 6 weeks of potato peel application, there were still some big warts, though some had died/were dying, it didn't clear them completely .. and of course, there was still the one on the side of her temple. So anyway, we continued the diet and regime, and just a few months later, she came to me one day and showed me her fingers. All but her thumb, had no warts! The one on her thumb had shrunk, and the most amazing part of all was the one on her temple had shrunk right down as well, and we didn't even touch that one! Fast forward to now, all warts are completely gone (and I mean gone, completely flat smooth skin) and I am still gob-smacked that this has happened! It's truly miraculous and demonstrates once again, the awesome power of foods that not only nourish, but heal!

And of course, I am very proud of her for her efforts in all of this and that she stuck with it, and I think the most exciting part is that this will stay with her for life, and she will always remember how food certainly can 'be thy medicine'!

Michelle Anderson
QLD, Australia
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