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Click for enlargementElias Javid - The best gift you´ve given me is to teach me about enzymes.....

This testimony is long overdue. And at times when I reflect and look back at how far I have come, I am so grateful I came across your website and decided to reach out to you.

You have been an inspiration from the first time we connected and have taught me so much I literally cannot thank you enough. Throughout my healing journey you were there to answer all my questions about the process, diet, detoxification, etc., and have been a wealth of knowledge. You have taught me to question everything, why we eat, what we do, why we choose to put certain things into and onto our bodies and this has helped me so much as it allowed me to actually discover for myself and understand what is beneficial for my body.

You have taught me so much about natural health, looking at the body holistically, addressing all factors, mind, body and soul and educating me on true health and wellness. The information you have given me over the years has not only benefited me but my entire family and those around me, I genuinely feel the journey I have gone on and the library of health information you have given me will benefit my children's children one day.

From your teachings and guidance, I have developed a pure passion for natural health, inspiring me to share my story. You are a true blessing and I pray God continues to bless you with good health so you can keep doing what you are doing, changing lives!

Of all the gifts you have given me, the best gift of all has been introducing me to the power of enzymes. It is no understatement when I say enzymes saved my life, they were absolutely instrumental in my healing journey and I still get blown away by the miracles of enzymes.

Thank you for being a mentor, thank you for being an educator, thank you for everything you do… I hope to repay you one day by following your footsteps.

Elias Javid
West Yorkshire, UK

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